How to Make Ladybird Pet Rocks
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How to Make Ladybird Pet Rocks

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time 1 hr +

How cute are these little ladybird pet rocks? They’re really quick and simple to make, the perfect outdoor project. You don’t just have to stick to making ladybirds either, why not try making frogs, bumble bees and butterflies too?…

You will need

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How to make


You will also need:

Pebble from the garden

Step 1 

Start by preparing your work space by laying down newspaper. Paint the front of the pebble red, and leave to dry. The pebbles may need another coat of paint (this will depend on the natural colour of the pebble) it is up to you and how well the paint has covered the pebble after the first coat.

Step 2 

Once the pebble has completely dried, paint the back of the pebble and leave to dry again.

Step 3 

Decide which end of your pebble is going to be the face and paint this black as well as painting a black stripe down the middle and some black spots (use the image above as a reference).

Step 4 

Place a glue dot on the back of two googly eyes and secure in place on your ladybird.

Hints and Tips

Instead of painting your ladybird rock pet the traditional red, why not opt for something a little different like a yellow or purple ladybird?

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