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4 Quick Cards to Make for Father's Day

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time 1 hr +

You will need

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How to make

You will also need:

Farfalle pasta 

Badge back 

Foam Rosette Card 

1. Begin by cutting a circle from blue foam. Draw around this onto red foam, add triangles all the way around and snip this out. Cut a strip of ribbon shape from each colour.

2. Glue together the pieces. When dry, glue the badge pin on the back.

3. Spell out your message with glitter stickers, then punch out lots of stars and glue these onto the card. Finally, pin the rosette to the card so it can be removed and worn with pride all day long. Lucky Daddy.

Grandpa Pasta Card

1. Begin by cutting a face out of pink paper and styling it to resemble your Grandpa! We drew on glasses, then cut hair and a moustache from a brown envelope. Glue these in place.

2. Cut out a basic body shape and glue this and the head onto the card. Paint a piece of farfalle pasta blue for a bow-tie. Once dry, glue onto the card and write your message at the top.

Goldfish Bowl Card

1. Using the fold of the card as the top, draw around a saucer to create a circle on the the card, leaving the top flat to create a rim for the bowl. Cut this out and trim a bit from the bottom to make a flat edge and enable the card to stand up. Then take a smaller saucer, place it on the front of the card and cut a circle out of the middle.

2. Cut another circle the same size as the fish bowl from blue card. Glue this onto the inside of the card to look like water. Next, draw around the card on a piece of acetate. Cut and glue a thin piece of card along the flat edge.

3. Cut six small fish out of orange card. Glue them together in pairs onto a piece of blue embroidery thread measuring about 30cm. Cut a droplet shape out of blue card and glue this onto the end of the thread to create a pull me tab. Write a message onto the fish.

4. Tape the other end of the thread to the bottom of the bowl. Using the saucer to create a circular edge, cut some foliage to hide the fish and glue the bottom edge into bowl. Tuck your secret message fish inside leaving the tag sticking out. Finally, glue all along the edge of the acetate sheet, leaving the rim, and glue this on top so your fishes can’t escape!

Fingerprint Family Card

1. Begin by cutting a little house, hill and sky out of card to fit onto your card. Arrange and glue these onto the card.

2. Using the ink pad, make finger-prints for the family’s faces and a thumb print if you want to make a dog. Once dry, draw stick figures to create a family.

3. Finally, glue on a little cloud and write your message.

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