How to Make a Paper Heart Box Frame
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How to Make a Paper Heart Box Frame

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

This beautiful heart box frame makes the perfect engagement or anniversary gift. You only need a handful of craft components to create this handmade masterpiece and best of all it can be made any size you like and in any type of card or paper stock you like!

You will need

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How to make

Step 1

Fussy-cut a heart shape from plain white cardstock.

Paper heart box frame

Step 2

Punch a handful of paper hearts using a 1” heart punch and patterned paper.

Paper heart box frame

Top tip: Ensure to leave a small amount of white showing between the hearts.

Step 3

 Lay the punched hearts all over the larger heart shape allowing them to hang over the edges. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, fix each heart in place with one or two 3d foam pads.

Paper heart box frame

Step 4

Once all the hearts are adhered carefully cut all the overhang off using scissors following the shape of the hearts panel underneath.

Paper Heart box frame

Step 5

To create the banner, stamp out your chosen sentiment on to white cardstock before trimming down to a strip measuring approximately 1cm in height. Fold each end inwards then fold again outwards creating the banner shape. Cut each end into a fish tail shape, then fix in place using 3d foam pads.

Step 6

Bend up all the flexible pins on the reverse side of a 15 x 15cm box frame, then carefully remove the backing board.

Step 7

Cut a panel of white cardstock to fit inside the frame, attach the heart shape to the centre using more 3d foam pads then lay the panel inside the box frame, replace the backing board and fold back the flexible pins to secure in place.

Paper heart box frame

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