How to Make a Tropical Wall Plaque
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How to Make a Tropical Wall Plaque

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget < £10
Time 1hour

Remember special moments from extra-special holidays with this versatile die-cutting project. Within this project, elements have been used from two different die sets, however you could use as many as you like.

Top tip: Tailor your choice of dies and colour palette by taking inspiration from the image/s you would like to incorporate into the project.

You will need

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How to make


You will also need:

Sizzix Thinlits Succulents Wreath Die Set

Tim Holtz Ideology Metallic Quotation Stickers

Intricut Toucan Die Set 

Step 1

Start by painting the wooden plaque with white acrylic paint. If you use some tissue to wipe it off as you go you will have a lovely translucent layer that lets the grain of the wood still shine through. Leave to dry.

Step 2

Die cut your foliage as follows from coloured cardstock:

From the Intricut Die Set: 
* Toucan body – one in black
* Toucan chest – one in white
* Toucan beak – one in bright yellow
* Large leaves – one in dark green and one in light green
* Large Hibiscus flower – one in white and one in hot pink with two stamens in yellow
* Small Hibiscus flower – four in hot pink and two in white – four stamens in yellow

From the Sizzix Succulent Wreath Die Set :
* Eight leaf round succulent – two in light green and three in dark green
* Long thin leaves – two in light green, two in dark green and two in bright yellow
* Regular leaf set – one in light green and one in dark green
* Rounded leaf set – two in light green and two in dark green

Step 3

Choose your photo and cut around it so the shape of the person is the main focus. Adhere to the plaque using foam pads so it stands above the board. I always add a spot of wet glue to ensure it’s extra secure.

Step 4

Arrange your flowers and leaves around the photo/s as you wish. You can shape some of the leaves by using your fingers to gently curl the card. You can add further interest to your small flowers by cutting down the white petals and gluing them onto the top of the coloured petals. Make sure you adhere to the plaque using different heights of foam pads to add interest – you can do this by sticking two foam pads one on top of another. Use wet glue to adhere the stamens.

Step 5

Adhere your toucan to the leaves so it stands out.

Step 6

Finally, choose some of the Tim Holtz Quotation stickers and add to the top of your design. Your plaque is now ready to be hung on the wall!

Tropical Wall Plaque

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