How to Make Bright Easter Bunting
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How to Make Bright Easter Bunting

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget < £10
Time 1/2 day +

If you’re looking for an afternoon of crafting fun to settle down to with the kids one wet and cold windy afternoon, we might just have the project for you.

The Easter bunting is made using fillable eggs, which means after you’ve made the bunting and left it to dry the eggs can be filled with sweet treats, or even small toys, or how about devising your own cryptic clues to a mystery location for an Easter treasure hunt!

You will need

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How to make

You will also need:


A large needle

To Make the Bunnies

Cut out the outer and inner ear pieces, the nose and the feet from foam sheets.

Glue the inner ear (pink) onto the outer ear and leave to dry. Once dry, glue onto the top of the egg.

Next, glue the pink nose onto the front of the egg and the feet onto the bottom. When the glue has dried, use a black pen to draw on the eyes and nose detail.

Finally, glue a pom pom to the back of the egg for the tail.


Bright Easter Bunting

Top Tip!

Make sure you glue the wings on the bottom half of the egg and not over the middle so the egg can still be opened and filled.

To Make the Chicks

To make the chicks, begin by cutting out the feet, wings and beak pieces out of yellow foam.

To make the legs, cut a pipe cleaner in half and thread it through the holes at the bottom of the egg. Twist the pipe cleaner and press flat on the inside of the egg. Push the foam feet onto the end of the pipe cleaners and fold over the tip of the cleaner to secure the feet in place.

Glue the wings onto the side of the eggs.

Glue the nose piece in the middle of the egg.

Using a black permanent pen draw on the eyes.

Bright Easter Bunting


To make the bunting flags, draw a symmetrical diamond (mine measured 16 centimetres in height and eight centimetres in width) on paper for a template. Pin to the felt sheets and cut out 11 pieces.

To assemble the bunting, fold the triangles over and glue together, leaving a gap along the top of each triangle so it can be threaded onto the wool/yarn.

Assemble the garland by using a large needle. Thread on pom poms, bunting flags and creatures. Spread out evenly and hang.

Bright Easter Bunting

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