How to Make a Seat Pad Cover
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How to Make a Seat Pad Cover

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time < 1 hour

Seat pad covers are great for upcycling a piece of furniture or adding a splash of colour to a plain chair. This easy to make seat cushion would make a great addition to your home office.

Check out our DIY seat pad cover tutorial below

You will need

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How to make

Step 1

Lay out the seat pad on to a fat quarter and make a mark on three sides that is half the depth of the seat pad away from the edge. For example, my seat pad is 4cm deep which means that three sides have a 2cm allowance.

Seat Pad Cover

Step 2

For the fourth side use the full depth of the seat pad as an allowance, in my case this is 4cm. Make a small mark on this edge so that you can identify it.

Step 3

Cut out the fabric and use this piece as a template for the other side.

Step 4

Measure out the width of the fabric piece and cut the hook and loop to match.

Step 5

Sew one piece of hook and loop to the right side of the fabric, along the long edge you marked earlier.

Step 6

Sew the other piece of hook and loop on the other marked long edge but to the wrong side.

Seat Pad Cover

Step 7

Once the hook and loop is attached, line up the two cover pieces right sides together and pin.

Seat Pad Cover

Step 8

Sew around the three edges using a narrow seam allowance, I have used a quarter of an inch on mine

Top Tip! . . .Use a pin to keep the seams in place. 

Step 9

Once you have finished sewing, match the seams on a front corner and pull it flat. Make a mark across the point that is the same width as the depth of your seat pad. For example, my seat pad is 4cm deep and the line I have drawn across the seams is 4cm long.


Seat Pad Cover

Step 10

Do the same for the other corner. You should now have two corners marked and the hook and loop corners should be flat.

Step 11

Sew along your line using a small straight stitch. Once you have finished both corners, trim away the excess fabric.

Step 12

Cut two strips of fabric 2 inches wide using the length of the fabric left over from the fat quarters.

Seat Pad Cover

Step 13

Fold them in half lengthways with right sides together.

Step 14

Stitch down the long edge and leave both ends open.

Seat Pad Cover

Step 15

Turn the tubes right sides out and press flat to make straps.

Seat Pad Cover

Step 16

Sew the ends closed.

Step 17

Pin the straps between the excess fabric of the seam allowance, making sure that you have an inch or more of length so that they don’t tear away.

Step 18

Sew the straps into the fabric.

Step 19

Turn the cover right side out, pull out the straps and insert the seat pad.

Seat Pad Cover

Step 20

Close the hook and loop and tuck the overhang down the side gaps.

Step 21

Your seat pad is now finished! If you’ve followed along exactly, then you will have a reversible seat pad to spruce up a chair and confuse your cat. You can also attach a bit of ribbon so that you can tie it to a chair back.

Seat Pad Cover

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