How to Quilt a Pinboard
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How to Quilt a Pinboard

Difficulty Advanced
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1/2 day +

Make this beautiful pin board to showcase your patchwork and quilting skills. This project is most effective if you keep to using just two different fabrics, creating the star pattern. We’ve chosen to use polyester wadding to give the board a puffier look but you could use cotton batting if you prefer.

Image and content from How to Quilt by Rachel Clare Reynolds, published by GMC.

You will need

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How to make

Step 1

Cut a 12 x 12cm square paper template. Use it to cut out 18 light-coloured squares and 18 dark-coloured squares from your fabric.

Step 2

 Following the instructions for speed piecing, make up your 36 triangle squares.

Step 3

Arrange your squares in a 6 x 6 grid. To replicate the pattern of the illustrated pinboard, lay out your squares as shown.

Step 4

For the next stage, think of your squares as four separate Nine Patch quilt blocks. Follow instructions for a Simple quilt block, to assemble your quilt blocks together, but use a ¼in (6mm) seam allowance instead of ½in (12mm).

Step 5

Sew your four quilt blocks together, using the same method as the Simple quilt block technique. Don’t forget to iron all the seams.

Step 6

Place your polyester wadding onto a flat surface. Mark the centre of the square. Place your quilt top, centrally, on top of the wadding and pin to secure.

Step 7

Use the Hand-tied quilting technique to secure the quilt top to the wadding, using the fabric-covered buttons as embellishments. Position as shown.

Step 8

Turn over the quilt top and the attached wadding and place the corkboard on top. Make sure the corkboard is facing towards the wadding.

Step 9

Fold over the top and bottom edges, then, using a long piece of yarn and a large-eyed needle, zig-zag from top to bottom to attach the quilt top and wadding to the corkboard. Try to go through the seams if possible, where there is a double thickness of fabric. Pull tight and secure.

Step 10

Turn your pinboard over and check there are no wrinkles, then repeat step 9 to secure the sides.

Step 11

Place the completed panel into your picture frame and hang in a prominent position for all to admire.

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