How to Sew a Cross Back Apron
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How to Sew a Cross Back Apron

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

These ‘throw on’ Japanese style aprons have become really popular lately. Make one from just 2 metres of fabric and only a few pattern pieces. The construction is quick and easy and you can embellish it however you like. We opted for a sunny hand-embroidered design. The cross over back is a lovely feature, plus make it curved or straight hemmed. Make it from Textured blender fabric to look like expensive linen! These aprons make great gifts and you can adjust the straps slightly, before sewing, to make this apron fit a variety of sizes. A truly versatile pattern.


Project and instructions by sewing expert Sophia Palmer from Sew Jessalli.

You will need

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How to make

All sewn edges include a 10mm seam allowance unless otherwise stated.

Step 1

Use the template provided to cut out the main apron, apron facing and two pockets. Finish the bottom raw edge of the facing piece with a zig-zag stitch or overlocker.         

Step 2

Place the facing piece, right sides together, on top of the main apron front. Pin all the way around from facing edge, around the straps and front, and finishing at the facing edge on the other side. Make sure you mark the top of the apron front with double pins, leaving two gaps of 6.5cm, 1cm from each edge. These will be where we add the straps.          

Step 3

Sew around these sides, leaving the gaps you’ve marked. Trim corners, and cut notches into curves. Then turn right way around and Press.       

Step 4

Finished the lower edge of the apron with a slightly rolled hem. If you’re making the curved version, this will be a little harder, you will have to pucker it slightly and stretch it into shape as you go. Start and end where it meets the facing edge. Press to finish.     

Step 5

Slip the straps into their gaps in the apron front top. Don’t forget to cross them over. Pin in place and try the apron on. You might need to put more of the strap inside your facings, the straps will change the shape at the back, so check this too.      

Step 6

Once happy sew in place and continue the stitching to topstitch around the apron edge. You might want to do this in stages, so you don’t get in a tangle. Sew all edges until you meet your hem stitching at the edges of the facing.   

Step 7

Next get your pockets and zig-zag or overlock three sides, leaving the top untouched. Next, fold down the top by 1cm, then again by 2cm. Press. Sew this hem down with a 1.5cm seam allowance.  

Step 8

Press the 3 finished pockets sides in by 1cm. Then pin in place on the front of the apron, 15cm from the bottom and 15cm apart from each other. Try the apron on and make sure you’re happy with that placement.     

Step 9

Topstitch the pockets on sewing your first line 10mm from the pressed edge, then continue back around to the start, sewing right on the edge of the pocket. This will make the pocket edges really strong. Press.    

Step 10

Next trace the Sun embroidery onto tracing paper or ‘Stitch n Tear’. Pin in place on one pocket, tucking it in slightly so the bottom of the sun ‘sits’ on the top edge.          

Step 11

Use embroidery thread to do a series of running and back stitches covering all the pencil lines. Once happy, rip all the ‘Stitch n Tear’ away. Press. 

Step 12

Wear with pride.

Helpful Docs & Software

Apron Template


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