How to Sew a Festive Quilt with Tassels
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How to Sew a Festive Quilt with Tassels

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £30+
Time 1+ Days

Get festive this Christmas and sew your very own tasselled quilt! This festive quilt will look stunning with the rest of your Christmas decor, or it would even make a great present.

Grab your fabrics and sewing machine, and follow the instructions below!

Project created by sewing expert Debbie von Grabler-Crozier

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You will need

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How to make

Seam allowances are all 1/2cm (1/4) unless otherwise stated. Please read all instructions through and assemble the equipment before beginning.

Step 1

This very simple quilt block is made from squares and strips. From your fabrics, cut the following:

Winter white solid:

cut 12 strips 4cm wide x LOFQ (length of fat quarter). You can add more if you need more. cut 1 12.5cm x 12.5cm square for the middle

Navy solid:

cut 12 strips 4cm wide x LOFQ. You can add more if you need them. Gold and winter white Christmas print: cut 12 squares 12.5cm x 12.5cm

Navy white and gold Christmas print:

cut 12 squares 12.5cm x 12.5cm

Top Tip: The strips do not have to be cut down any further initially. The easiest no-maths way to deal with them is to attach them to the squares and the trim the excess away. The solids form frames – navy solid for the snowflake fabric and winter white solid for the navy Christmas print.

Step 2

Begin with the snowflake fabric and two navy solid strips. Attach a strip to the top and the bottom of the square.

Step 3

Trim the excess. Use the off-cuts on the next square of the same colour. Do the same on the sides. And trim. This is one block. Repeat this with the Christmas print and winter white solid and then join the two together.

Step 4

Make the rest of the blocks (you need 1 centre one, 12 of the navy Christmas blocks and 12 of the winter white snowflake) and then join them together in an alternating pattern with the plain one in the centre. Press the quilt top.

Step 5

Lay the backing onto a flat surface and put the wadding on top. Lay the quilted panel on top (face up and pin so that no movement is possible.

Step 6

Quilt with a random wave pattern working on the diagonal.

Top Tip: Use the walking foot for this and allow the waves to meander organically. Keep an eye on the backing fabric so that it doesn’t become puckered.

Step 7

Trim the quilt even all around and round the corners with a teacup or similar. Bind with the navy bias binding and attach tassels evenly all around.

Step 8

To make a tassel, find a piece of cardboard (an old box is perfect) and cut a piece about 5cm wide x 10cm long. Wind the yarn around the 5cm side about 30 times. Tie the top securely and cut the tassel from the card at the bottom.

Step 9

Tie the middle about 2cm down. Make 16 of these and put one on each corner and three evenly spaced on each side.

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