How to Sew a Round Bag Using Bosal Foam
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How to Sew a Round Bag Using Bosal Foam

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

This make uses BOSAL foam to make a functional and comfortable round bag. The Hobbycraft fat quarters will ensure that this make really stands out! This make would be the perfect gift. Why not switch it up and use Natural Fat Quarters for a subtle, earthy look?  

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How to make


You will also need:

Bosal Round Foam Pads

Step 1

Start by marking your fabric around one of your rounds about a 1/4 inch allowance over the edge or 1/2 inch depending on what allowance you like to leave for sewing. Do this in both your outer and inner colours. It is worth marking your inner fabric now as you won’t be able to use your BOSAL rounds as a template once you have completed your bag. You may want to double over your fabric to save on cutting time and cut two pieces in one go.

Bosal Foam Bag

Step 2

You can now place the outer colour onto your BOSAL Rounds, you’ll notice there is a textured side and a soft side. The side you will need to place your fabric on is the textured. This is the side it will fuse to. Using an iron gently run this over the fabric to bond the fabric onto the round. As you can see it bonds the fabric onto the round.

Step 3

Now for the fun bit! YAY! to go to your machine and sew any design into your fabric the BOSAL round allows you to sew as if you are quilting which is great. I went for a criss-cross design.

Bosal Foam Bag

Step 4

Put your round pieces to one side as now you will need to cut the base and zipper pieces out. I’ve worked it out to be around 26-27 inches needed to go all the way around the bag so with a 12-inch zip you will need to cut two pieces at 1 1/4inch x 13 inch in your outer fabric.

Step 5

Sew these pieces onto your zip 1/4 inch on the fabric using your zipper foot to get close to the zip.

Bosal Foam Bag

Step 6

Fold over the fabric and sewing along the zip again, this will help hold down the fabric neatly around the zip. Do this for both sides of the Zip.

Bosal Foam Bag

Step 7

That’s your zip prepared so now to the base of the bag, cut another piece of your outer fabric choice this time measuring 13 inch x 2 1/2inch. I’ve cut out two joining pieces also which will allow me to join the zip piece to the base to make a full circle to go around the bag. I’ve done my two joining pieces at 1 1/2-inch x 5 inch

Bosal Foam Bag

Step 8

Using your joining pieces fold each longer side in by 1/4 inch and then fold in half and pin in place over the one end of your zip piece and one end of the base piece.

Bosal Foam Bag

Step 9

Sew in place and repeat on the other side also.

Bosal Foam Bag

Step 10

Now that you have your zipper and base pieces completed its now time to join your base/zip piece to your rounds. Carefully pinning in place pin all the way around your first round. Make sure you have both of your fabric sides on the inside like pictured.

Bosal Foam Bag

Step 11

Now for what may be the fiddly bit and to sew the edges along your seam allowance. Go slow and steady all the way around.

Bosal Foam Bag

Step 12

Remove pins. Get your second round and begin to pin this in place, remember the fabric side needs to be on the inside. Keep your zip open as this will allow you to turn the right side out once sewn.

Bosal Foam Bag

Step 13

Go back to your machine and slowly sew all the way around our second round.

Bosal Foam Bag

Step 14

WOOHOO! That’s the main part of your bag done. Turn the right side out and shape your bag in place. to make my base more solid I simply cut a small length of the BOSAL strap cushioning and placed this along the inside of the base and carefully ironed the fabric to bond this in place.

Bosal Foam Bag

Step 15

Now that the main part of your bag is ready, it’s now time to make the strap using the BOSAL strap cushioning. Using two strips of my outer fabric and one strip of my inner fabric each measuring 13-inch x 2 1/2 inch. Join these together to make one length. You will want to make your lengths different to this if making this bag for an adult. I’ve based my measurements suitable for a children’s bag.

Bosal Foam Bag

Step 16

Using an iron, as the BOSAL strap cushioning is double side fusible careful fold one side of your fabric about 1/4 to 1/2 inch over and iron in place just on the fabric.

Bosal Foam Bag

Step 17

Now fold over your remaining fabric over the top and fold the edge under itself and pin in place. Iron over this just so the BOSAL strap bonds to the fabric.

Step 18

Sew along the edge which you have folded under and then sew along the opposite side just so that it looks neat like the other side.

Bosal Foam Bag

Step 19

You will now need to fold the ends and pin in place on each side of your bag ready to sew in place.

Step 20

Sew on your machine in a square shape around the area you and folded and pinned on to your bag. There you have it that’s the main part of your bag complete! just the lining to complete 

Bosal Foam Bag

Step 21

Go back to your two inner fabric pieces that you cut out earlier in the tutorial.?Cut an additional 2 pieces of your inner fabric 13-inch x 2 1/2 inch. Cut one of your pieces in half-length ways which will allow for your zip. Join your lengths together to make a round piece. Pin this onto your rounds.

Step 22

Sew along both rounds on your machine and remove pins. This time leaving it inside out, so you can place this onto the side of your bag.

Step 23

Place into the bag and once you are happy that it’s in place how you like it, fold the sides for the zips under the outer zip piece and hand sew in place your lining.

Step 24

There you have it! a round, zip opening fully lined bag with a comfortable strap and padded design on the sides using your BOSAL products.

Step 1

Step 1

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