How to Sew Fabric Gift Wrap
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How to Sew Fabric Gift Wrap

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time < 1 hour

Get creative a more sustainable alternative to classic gift wrap. The project features two types of fabric gift wrap – choose between a single and lined fabric wrap to create that professional finish!

This is a great project if you’re looking for eco-friendly wrapping alternatives. They’ll take no longer than an hour to sew, leaving you plenty of time to craft the perfect gift.

Give it a go with this simple how-to tutorial!

Project and instructions by @RosiesCraftCorner.

You will need

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How to make

Single Gift Wrap - Step 1

Take your fabric of choice from the pack of Christmas Fat Quarters. Unfold, and if needed give it a quick iron (you can always leave this till the end if you would like)

Top Tip: Cut off any fraying edges and stiff selvage edges with a quilter’s ruler and rotary cutter. It’ll make it easier to fold when you’re pressing your hems.

Step 2

Working one edge at a time, fold over the edge twice, to create a rolled hem. Using an iron to flatten the edge, pin (or clips if you prefer) down the rolled hem.

Once pinned, sew along the inside of your hem. I recommend using a matching colour thread to your fabric but black will be fine with most fabrics too.

Repeat this step again until all four edges have been sewn. You should now have a FQ with all four edges neatly sewn. It might be worth giving your fabric another iron, so it looks neat before wrapping.

Step 3

It’s time to wrap your gifts!

Pop the present in the centre of your wrap at a diagonal and pull one corner across the presents, tucking it under to hold it in place. Grab the opposite side and pull it over, wrapping the end under itself to create a straight neat edge.

Step 4

Grabbing both of your open ends, keep the wrap tight, pull both ends over to the middle and twist into a tied knot. Don’t worry if ends up a little messy, it’s meant to have that pulled together look about it.

You now have finished your re-usable Christmas Gift Wrap.

Lined Gift Wrap - Step 1

Choose two fabrics of your choice from your Christmas Fat Quarter Bundles. Give them a good iron, and trim around the edge to neaten any fraying edges. I recommend cutting both fabrics together to ensure they measure up the same. I am using the whole fat quarter, not cutting it down – you can make it an even square if you’d like. Don’t be afraid to make your wraps in different sizes.

With both fabrics right sides together, pin around all four edges, leaving a 4” (10cm) gap on one side.

Sew around all four edges with a 3/8” seam allowance, making sure to leave that 4” gap unstitched.

Step 2

Using the open gap that you have left, pull the fabrics from inside, out. The right sides of your fabric should now be on the outside.

Using a sewing pointer or small wooden dowel, push out all four corners of your fabric, before sewing any further.

Pin (or clip) shut your 4” gap so that it smoothly matches with the edge you’ve sewn already.

Step 3

Give your fabric a quick iron and press your seams before sewing all around the edge of your fabric. Be sure to capture your gap closed when you’re sewing.

You’ve completed your wrap! It’s now time to wrap in your festive lined gift wrap.

Step 4

Simply wrap your present as you would with wrapping paper. See pictures shown.



Step 5

To finish wrap a ribbon around your present to keep your fabric together and finish with a Christmas gift tag. Your present is now ready to be gifted!

Step 6

You could even add an extra special touch of Christmas tags!

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