Get Started In Cake Decorating

Transform simple bakes into memorable showstoppers with a few simple cake decorating techniques! Whether you're new to sugarcraft or you're already a baking whizz, you'll be mastering cake decoration in no time with handy tips and mouth-watering icing inspiration.

How to Create a Fox Cupcake Topper

1. On a clean, dry surface, knead your icing until pliable.
2. Smooth out surface to achieve a shine. Use a rolling pin with rings to produce the right thickness.
3. Use the Mix N Match face cutter to make the desired shapes for your designs.
4. Repeat the steps above for all of the colours required for design.
5. Smooth icing over your cupcake with a palette knife and glue all elements together using a paintbrush.
6. Now get creative and see what other design you can create!

Ready-to-Roll Icing Tool Guide

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Avocado Biscuits

1. Knead your Pastel Green, Dark Brown, Teddy Bear Brown, and Lincoln Green Renshaw Ready-to-Roll Icings until pliable. Use a rolling pin to produce the desired thickness for each colour.

2. Use a biscuit as a template to cut an exact covering of Pastel Green icing out, and adhere to the biscuit using royal icing.

3. Create a rounded dome for the central stone around 1" in diameter, and adhere to the Pastel Green Icing using royal icing.

4. Cut out a long strip of icing from the Dark Brown and Lincoln Green, around 1cm in thickness. Adhere the Lincoln Green icing around the perimeter of the biscuit, and the Dark Brown icing around the perimeter of the central stone using royal icing.

Icing Quantity Guide

Our handy guide to Renshaw Ready-to-Roll is here to help you with your cake decorating prep!

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Decorating Tip Guide

Each decorating tip creates a unique effect, from floral flourishes to smooth lines and dots! Experiment to discover the perfect one for your application.