How to Make a Fondant Turtle Model
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How to Make a Fondant Turtle Model

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

Create a spectacular fondant cake masterpiece to celebrate a special occasion! A simple fondant icing model can really add wow factor to a cake and it’s a lot easier than you might think to master. Use Renshaw Ready-to-Roll Icing to bring this cute character to life.

In this step-by-step tutorial, Rachel Gerken shows you how to make a cute turtle model.

You will need

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How to make

Fondant always resists Tylo powder at first. If your fondant comes apart whilst kneading this is normal. Continue kneading until it comes back together and smooth again.

Step one: Making the shell

Step 1:1

Take your lighter shade of brown and give it a little knead to make it pliable. Next make
a small well in the paste and sprinkle in some Tylo powder. Knead into the paste until

Step 1:2

Once smooth, roll your fondant into a ball. To do this roll the paste between the palms
of your hands in a circular motion. Put the ball on the mat and use the palms of your hands
to gently smooth out the surface. Next, apply a little downward pressure with your palm to
flatten the ball a bit and make it more shell shaped.

Step 1:3

Take your darker shade of brown and give it a little knead. Break of a few random sized
pieces and roll them into small balls. To do this you can roll each ball between your thumb
and finger, or you can use one finger to roll the ball on the mat. I made 12 randomly sized
balls for my shell, but you can make as many or as few as you like. Once you have your little
balls, press gently downward on each one to flatten it into a dot and stick it on your shell as
desired using a little edible glue.

Step 2 - Making the Head

Step 2:1

Take your lighter green fondant and give it a little knead to make it pliable. As with
before, make a small well in the fondant and sprinkle in some more Tylo powder. You don’t
need a lot for this part. Knead until smooth and make a cone shape. To do this, start with a
ball. Either roll one side of the ball between the edge of your palms to create a cone shape
or roll one side of the ball against the mat to make the cone shape.

Once you have made your cut, gently squeeze the bottom half to make the mouth open.

Step 2:2

Using your modelling knife, create a small horizontal cut along the outer, thicker end of
the cone. This will become the turtle’s mouth. Make sure that this cut arches up slightly at
either end if you want your turtle to be smiling.

Step 2:3

Using your pointed tool, make two dots about the mouth for nostrils.

Step 2:4

Using the other end of your paintbrush, make two small imprints where you want your
turtle’s eyes to be.

Step 2:5

Once you’re happy with the face, apply a little edible glue to the narrow end of your
cone and place the shell on top so that your turtles head is sticking out from under its shell.
Spend a little time here making sure that you’re happy with the shape of the head. Using
little smoothing motions with your finger and/or gentle pinching to perfect the shape until
you are happy with it.

Step 3: Making the flippers

Step 3:1

Take another piece of your light green fondant and knead it to make it pliable. As with
the head, knead a little Tylo powder in. You only need a small bit. Roll a sausage shape by
making a ball and then rolling it on your mat. It doesn’t matter how long the sausage is but
you should aim to get it an equal thickness. Using your modelling knife, cut the sausage into
4 equal sections. This will ensure your flippers are all the same size. Once you have your 4
equal sections, roll each one into a ball.

Step 3:2

Roll each ball into a cone shape. Next take each cone one at a time holding the thinner
end between your thumb and finger, gently push the bigger end so that the cone bends
slightly in the middle.

Step 3:3

As with the head, apply a small amount of edible glue to the end of each cone and
attach them as desired underneath your turtles shell.

Step 3:4

Once the flippers are attached, gently pinch and shape the end of each cone so that it
resembles a flipper shape. Use gentle stroking movements to flatten and shape the cone
even more until you are happy with them.

Using an icing smoother means that you can make thinner, more even
sausage/worm shapes than you can make using just your hands to roll.

Step 4: Making the shell trim

Step 4:1

Take a little of your lighter brown fondant and knead it to make it pliable. There is no
need to add Tylo power to this piece. Roll your brown fondant into a ball and then using
your icing smoother, roll the fondant into a long, thin sausage/worm shape.

Start at the back of your shell when wrapping the trim to make it neater. Any messy ends are less likely to be noticed if they’re at the back of your model.

Step 4:2

Once you have your desired width of sausage/worm, use your cutting tool to trim it to
the desired length. Apply some edible glue to the bottom of your turtles’ shell and carefully
wrap your trim around the shell.

Step 4:3

Using your cutting tool, trim off the ends of your sausage so that the two ends meet
perfectly. Using a little edible glue, smooth over where the two ends meet to blend out the
join and tease the trim into place.

Step 4:4

To make the tail, roll some of your light green fondant into a small cone. As with the
trim, there is no need to add Tylo powder at this stage. Using your cutting tool, cut the
rounded end of your cone off and attach the remaining piece to the back of your turtle for
his tail.

Step 5: making the face detail

Step 5:1

Take a tiny piece of white fondant. There is no need to knead it or add Tylo powder. Roll
it into a tiny ball and then using your cutting tool, cut it in half to make 2 equal pieces.

Step 5:2

Roll each tiny piece back into a ball. Add a small dab of edible glue into the eye dents
you made earlier. Gently press each tiny ball into these dents to make the white of the
turtles’ eyes. Press gently to make them flatter.

Step 5:3

Repeat the last step with even smaller balls of black fondant to make the pupils. For the
eyebrows, roll a tiny sausage shape from black fondant in the palm of your hand. When it is
thin enough, cut a small section and cut that into 2 equal parts. Add a dab of edible glue just above your turtle’s eyes and attach one eyebrow at a time. Use your paintbrush to tease them into place.

Step 5:4

Spend a little time checking that your face is still the shape you want it. Make any
adjustments using gently stroking movements.

Step 5:5

Using your pointed tool, gently press vertical lines at random angles along the turtle’s
neck and flippers. This will make his wrinkles.

Step 6: Adding the final touches.

Step 6:1

Take your darker shade of green and pull of 5 tiny pieces. Roll each piece into a tiny ball.
There is no need to knead or add Tylo powder at this stage.

Step 6:2

Using your cutting tool, cut each tiny ball into 3 parts. They do not have to be equally

Step 6:3

Roll each part into its own tiny ball. As with the shell earlier, flatten each tiny ball into a
dot by gently pressing down on them with your finger. Using your edible glue, attach 3 dots
to each flipper and 3 dots to the top of the turtles’ head.

Step 6:4

Your Turtle is complete! Allow to dry overnight before adding to a cake.

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