How to Make a Snowman Christmas Cake
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How to Make a Snowman Christmas Cake

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

Go for a less traditional cake this Christmas, and have a go at this Snowman cake! The kids will love his cheery face, and it's easy to make - they can even get involved too.  

You will need

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How to make


You will need:

Cake on a cake board – iced with white icing

Renshaw ready to roll icing in Baby Blue, Navy, Orange, Black 

Edible blue glitter 

Small quantity of royal icing

Closed star nozzle or cocktail stick


Craft Essentials

Pizza wheel/cutter

Sharp knife


Long ruler or other straight edge

Step 1

Take your plain white iced cake. Measure up one side, across the middle and down the other side of the cake. You will need to roll out a long piece of baby blue icing this length. Use the pizza wheel and cut a straight edge.

Step 2

Drape the blue icing over the top third of the cake, checking that it reaches the bottom of the cake all around. Trim the excess around the bottom with a sharp knife and use a clean paintbrush and a little cooled, boiled water to moisten the edges of the blue icing to stick it to the iced cake underneath.

Step 3 

Use a sharp knife to score rows of lines in the icing, and then diagonally, to represent the knitted hat – you can do this freehand as it shouldn’t look too perfect!

Step 4 

Roll out a long strip of baby blue icing for the rim of the hat – use the pizza wheel and ruler to get straight edges. Brush a little water on the base of the hat before you stick on the long strip.

Step 5 

Trim the strip to fit at the base of the cake, and then score lines to look like ribbing on the rim of the hat.

Step 6 

To make a pom pom for the hat, roll a ball of navy icing and prick all over with the pointed end of the closed star nozzle to give it texture. Alternatively prick all over with a cocktail stick. Attach the pom pom to the top of the hat with a blob of royal icing.

Step 7 

To make the scarf, cut a long strip of navy blue icing using the pizza wheel and ruler, and overlay strips of the baby blue – attach these to the scarf with a little water. Trim off the excess and cut the scarf into 2 pieces. Starting at the rim of the hat, carefully wrap one length of scarf around the base of the cake, attaching with water.

Step 8 

Then wrap the other length of scarf, overlapping the end.

Step 9 

Take a square of baby blue icing and cut into it with a sharp knife to make the tassels for the end of the scarf. Attach to the end of the scarf with water.

Step 10 

Roll a sausage of black icing and cut it into 8 equal pieces. Roll these into rough balls to look like lumps of coal, the more imperfect the better!

Step 11 

Attach the coal eyes and mouth with royal icing and shape a cone of orange icing for the carrot nose. Use a sharp knife to score lines in the carrot for a realistic look. Attach the nose with more royal icing.

Step 12

If liked, you can dust edible blue glitter on the rim of the hat for extra sparkle! Just press it on with your fingertip.

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