2 Ways to Make a Christmas Tree Topper
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2 Ways to Make a Christmas Tree Topper

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time < 1 hour

The perfect way to finish your Christmas tree is with a pretty Christmas Tree topper - why not make your own? Whether you go for a simple star or a more-complicated angel, there's something achievable for every level of crafter! Angel instructions by Krissi McGilton.



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How to make

Angel Topper


Start priming your brown paper mache by painting your angel white with acrylic paint.


Once paint is dry, decopatch the neck and the bottom of its skirt in the snowflake Decomache paper.


Make 9 cones from the snowflake Decomache paper. Start by cutting 1 sheet of Decomache paper into 6 equal squares, then roll each square from corner to corner, making sure you have a point at the top and bottom of your cone.


Secure the edge with Decopaper glue. Once dry, glue in place on the body of the angel, making the first at the front/middle of the body and placing the others each side.


Cover the wings in PVA Glue and sprinkle silver glitter all over on both sides. Shake off the excess glitter.


To neaten up the raw edges of the paper, glue a piece of ribbon round her neck.


Use a pipe cleaner to create a halo, overlapping the ends slightly in a circle shape.


Finish her head with a black felt tip, drawing two eyelids and using some light pink acrylic paint give her some rosy cheeks.

Star Topper


Start by preparing a base colour – paint the topper all over with a coat of white paint. If necessary, add a second coat. Leave to dry.


Paint the topper with glue, then shake on some glitter. Start at the top and work your way down in small sections so the glue doesn’t dry.


Shake off excess glitter. Add a second coat of glitter if necessary.


To keep the glitter from shedding, paint a layer of glue or hairspray over the top.

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