How to Decorate a Ceramic Storage Pot
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How to Decorate a Ceramic Storage Pot

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

Spruce up your home with personalised, hand-painted storage pots. This is a great way to make your storage unique, perfect for your dressing table, your bathroom and much more.

Choose from a beautiful range of colours available in the Pebeo collection to start decorating your ceramic blank!

Project and instructions by Millie MacDougall.

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How to make

Step 1

Start by applying a base coat of paint all over the pot and lid. You should use a light colour for this. I have used the Pink Pebeo Acrylic Paint. You can also paint the inside of the pot and lid if you wish.

Step 2

You will then add a second colour to different sections of the pot once the base layer is dry. I have kept all my colours light as I want the dark colour floral design to stand out.

Here I have applied masking tape. This is to give the shapes nice, crisp lines. (It is optional if you wish to use masking tape). I have then applied Apricot and added a second layer once dry to make the colour stands out better.

Step 3

Once the Apricot is dry peel off the masking tape and repeat the pervious step two more times. I have used White and Caramel for the other colours but you can add as many colours as you like!

Step 4

Once the paint is dry and you are happy with the colours take a pencil and draw out the floral design.

Step 5

I have then used the Dark Green Pebeo Paint to go over the pencil design using a fine brush (here I have used the Daler Rowney 10/0 brush). I have used the Dark Green as I want this colour to contrast with the lighter colours used for the background to ensure the floral design stands out. I have also painted over the pattern a second time to give the green a more vibrant colour. Once dry rub out any pencil lines if needed.

Step 6

Finally, apply Mod Podge to seal the paint.

Step 7

Here you have your finished Storage Pot!

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