How to Make Fruit Magnets with Clay
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How to Make Fruit Magnets with Clay

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time 1 hr +

Air dry clay is an incredibly versatile product, there’s lots of things you can make and do. Pineapples are everywhere at the moment, so I thought I’d make myself some lovely on-trend fridge magnets . . .

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How to make

Pineapple Magnet

1. Break off a piece of clay about the size of a golf ball and roll it into the shape of a barrel (rounded oblong body with two flat ends)

2. Cut the barrel in half length ways down the middle – you should be left with half a barrel with a flat back (and two flat ends) – Keep the spare clay as you will need that to make the foliage on the top.

3. Using a scalpel, cut a diagonal line across the curved surface of the barrel – starting at the edge, working diagonally across to the other side – repeat this and try and fit about five diagonal lines across the surface. Repeat this process going the other way, to create an even criss-cross on the curved surface.

4. Now take the other half of the barrel and break off around a third of this, flatten until it is around the thickness and width of a pound coin.

5. Using the scalpel, carefully cut out the shape of a six point star.

6. Attach the six point star to the flat back side of the barrel so half of it is showing, and the other half is used to stick to the back.

7. Attach the magnet to the back of the barrel with glue and leave to dry.

8. Paint the body of the pineapple yellow and the top of the six point star green.

Watermelon Magnet

1. Take a small lump of clay and roll out flat.

2. With a scalpel cut out a semi-circular shape.

3. Using the end of the scalpel draw a line following the curved edge.

4. Use spare bits of clay to make tiny seed shapes and attach to the watermelon shape.

5. Push the magnet into the back of the watermelon shape and leave to dry.

6. Once dry paint with acrylic paints, and leave to dry.

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