How to Start Planning your Wedding
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How to Start Planning your Wedding

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So you're engaged - what next? Whether you've enjoyed a candlelit proposal or a romantic getaway, once the big question's been popped, it can be daunting to think about all the planning that lies ahead.  With our simple 18-step wedding checklist, find inspiration and guidance that'll make for a stress-free journey up the aisle.

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How to Start Planning Your Wedding

Start a wedding folder

That one perfect place to keep every little detail. The wedding bible. The all-inclusive guide to the nuptials of your dreams. From abstract ideas to bookings, calendars and budgeting, you’ll need one place to keep track of it all. That'll be particularly crucial if you’re prepping for a handmade wedding.

For the creative crafters, you can keep your big plans in a chic kraft wedding scrapbook – perfect as a lovely keepsake after the big day. If you’re all about the organisation, go for a tailor-made wedding planner.


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What's your budget?

Knowing how much you have to spend makes it easier to plan every other detail of your wedding day. This part isn’t much fun but if it means you can put a pot aside for those extravagant table centrepieces later down the line, it’s all worth it.

Who's Invited?

From the black sheep of the family to your awkward cousins, it can be tricky to decide who gets a seat at the table. Your budget will determine the scale of your wedding, so, once you know whether it’s going to be a grand affair or an intimate gathering, write up the list of your nearest and dearest.

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Viewing the venues

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Setting the date

Setting the date can feel like a big moment; it’s the moment it starts to feel real.

Once you pin down the date, you’ll know your timeline and how long you’ve got to get everything ready for the big day. This will also be important when considering the theme. Are you opting for a festive celebration, or would you rather an outdoor reception?

Check-in with all the key family members and friends to make sure all the important people in your life can be there, and then write it in your diary – or even your handy wedding planner. The sooner you choose the date, the sooner you can get on with the fun stuff.

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Getting the wedding party started

Choose your bridesmaids, best men, flower girls and more! This is the perfect way to make your loved ones feel special and ensure they’re a big part of your day. There are plenty of special ways to make your very own proposal too…

As you decide who is highest on your list of handy helpers, you can also keep in mind the friends who’ll help with crafting those little creative touches. If your bridal party is made up of crafting pros, transform those hours of prepping DIY invites and decorations into fun, sociable evenings together!

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What's your theme?

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Stationery style

Brides Magazine has identified invitation innovation as a key theme for the upcoming wedding season, with many couples opting for more and more adventurous stationery. Add a unique twist to your invitations, save-the-dates and place cards to tie them all into your chosen theme and ensure that every detail becomes a treasured keepsake for your guests.

It’s the perfect time to invest in a Cricut Explore Air or a Cricut Maker for your DIY details!

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Snapping up your photographer

Saying 'yes!' to the dress

Finding the dress of your dreams is a big moment for most brides. Some might fall in love with the first dress they put on, while others find themselves drowning in an ocean of white tulle. If you’re struggling to decide, capture photos of your favourites and cross-compare.

If you’re looking for something borrowed, blue, old and new, incorporating material from your mother or a close relative’s own wedding dress into your dress or veil might be a lovely way to do it.

As you decide your dress for the day, hair and makeup are the next details to tick off on your list. Up-do or soft curls? Cat-eye or au naturale?

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Arranging the flowers

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Evening entertainment

Band or DJ? Set the mood for your post-nuptial partying. You could choose a local band, have a DJ to disco the night away, bring in a children’s entertainer for the kids, organise a fireworks display, provide a photo booth and more – the possibilities are endless!

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On the menu

You’ve had a lifetime of honing your palate – now’s the time to design the perfect menu. If you’re having a sit-down meal, you’ll need to decide the different courses and veggie options. The best part, though? Choosing the cake.

Wedding cakes are getting more and more experimental over time, with the traditional fruitcake often being left behind in favour of bolder flavours and striking multi-tiered show-stoppers.

If you’re looking to keep it simple, you or a talented loved one could even make your own. We have everything you need to get started…

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Venue decorations

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Hen and stag

Whether you organise this yourself or let your most trustworthy bridesmaid take the lead, the bachelor and bachelorette parties are a rite of passage. You can opt to stay on-theme for these celebrations or even go a little off-piste.

There’s plenty of hen and stag party accessories and decorations in our Team Bride range and beyond that’ll ensure everyone knows exactly what you’re celebrating. Make that last night as a single lady – or man – count!

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Wedding favours

Give everyone who’s a part of your special day something to remember it by. This is the perfect excuse to show off your personality; if you’ve gone for a quirky theme, let it show in your choice of favours.

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Bridal party and best man gifts

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Thank you cards

After your loved ones have celebrated with you and you’ve unwrapped your fancy new crockery and that dream coffee-maker, be sure to thank your nearest and dearest with lovely cards. It’s the perfect way to send out a fun reminder of the day that shows your heartfelt gratitude.

You can use the same stationery style you’ve used for save-the-dates and invitations to keep things consistent, or even use your favourite wedding photo to give them a keepsake that they can frame.

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