How to Personalise Ceramic Bunnies
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How to Personalise Ceramic Bunnies

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1hour

You can use a few simple shapes to create these fun botanical motifs to create some floral personalised bunnies for Easter this year, perfect as table place names hanging from your Easter tree or treasure for an easter egg hunt.


Created by illustrator Becki Clark

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Brush Lettering Template

Step 1

Create a frame for your lettering but drawing a couple of simple flowers, these pink blooms can be created by simply drawing 5 teardrop shapes that all join together at the point. You can then add a small dot in a darker marker for the centre of the flower.

Step 2

Hand letter your name or initial into the frame, I’ve used a brush and ink however you can use a brush lettering pen if you find it easier and  have a look at the guide to brush lettering for tips and tricks on getting started.

Step 3

Add teardrop shapes to the outside of the flowers in a green to give the idea of leaf shapes, these work as a really good filler shape in between florals.

Step 4

Now add your foliage lines around the frame, these again are simple one stroke curved lines with teardrop shapes added along them. You can also create bud branches by adding one curved line with a few spraying out.

Step 5

Add buds to your spray branches with simple circle shapes

Step 6

Continue to work your simple florals all over the bunny so that it's covered in a simple spring florals pattern ready for the Easter table.

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