How to Make Wrapped Letters with Yarn
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How to Make Wrapped Letters with Yarn

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

Make decorations a little more personalised with these yarn-wrapped letters! Whether you’re choosing your loved ones’ initials or spelling out simple seasonal sentiments, add something fun to your mantelpiece or gift wrap designs with this craft idea.

This is a great project to use up left over yarn from your stash. Why not get creative and create a multi coloured letter? Just follow our step-by-step tutorial and discover how easy they are to make.

Project and instructions by Lindsey Newns.

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You will need

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How to make


You will also need:

* 10 cm card to make tassel

* Pet grooming brush or hairbrush

Step 1

Wind off a length of yarn a few metres long and create a small ball or bobbin that can pass through the centre of the letter frame you’d like to wrap. To wrap the letter frames, we will be wrapping horizontally around the outside of the frame. To ensure the letters are covered completely, begin by wrapping any sides of the letter which won’t be covered when wrapping horizontally. Such as the topmost faces of the letter L, seen here. Pass the yarn over the top of the faces, then inside the frame, to wrap these sides. Tie the yarn on to the frame to start and tie it again at the end to fasten off.

Step 2

With the topmost faces wrapped, you can now wrap the rest of your letter by passing the yarn around the outside of the letter frame. Wrap slowly and firmly, laying each new wrap next to the previous one, but don’t wrap so tightly that the frame starts to distort.

Step 3

When you get to the base of your letter, or to an edge next to a face that has already been wrapped, you will need to bind the edge using a threaded needle to prevent the wrapped yarn sliding off. Thread a yarn needle with the end of the yarn you have just been wrapping with, allowing yourself an arm’s length of yarn to sew with. Sew a whip stitch by sewing around the edge of the metal letter frame from back to front, then bringing your needle up and over the edge to the back again, repeating this motion as you work around the frame. As you sew your whip stitch, aim to catch the last few wraps on the frame in your stitches too, to secure them and stop the wrapped yarn sliding off.

Step 4

Once your frame is wrapped, create a tassel as follows: wrap a piece of chunky or super chunky yarn around a 10cmH piece of card 15 times.

Step 5

Cut a 20cm piece of the same yarn and tie it though the top of the wrapped card, securing all the wraps together in a tight double knot. This is the top of your tassel.

Step 6

Slide the tassel off the card, then tie a second 20cm long piece of the same yarn around 2cm from the top of the tassel, wrapping it around the outside of the tassel a few times before securing the ends in a knot.

Step 7

Cut through all the loops at the bottom of a tassel to form a neat and flat base, then if you feel your yarn needs it, use a brush to brush out the bottom of the tassel.

Step 8

In a contrasting colour yarn, create a pom pom using a 5cm pom pom maker. Wrap the first arm and then the second arm of the maker. When you are ready to close the pom pom maker, lay the top tie of the tassel through the centre of the maker.

Step 9

Close, cut and tie off the pom pom maker as normal, tying the knot as tightly as possible

Step 10

Open the arms of the pom pom maker to remove it, and your pom pom should now be sitting on top of your tassel.

Step 11

Use the top ties of the tassel to attach it to the top of your letter, securing the tassel to the wire frame by gently pushing the wraps out of the way, then tying on

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