How to Sew a Halloween Tutu and Headband
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How to Sew a Halloween Tutu and Headband

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

This is a really fun and colourful DIY Halloween outfit for kids or adults! This Halloween Tutu and Headband is easy to make, and if an emergency costume is needed, can consequently be made. A simple sewn tulle tutu is perfect for beginners, and is accompanied with a colourful headband. We’ve used bright colours, but if you rather, you can tailor this outfit to something darker for a spookier effect!

You will need

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How to make

Additional items required:

Clear Plastic Headband 


Step - 1 

Fold your tulle with the selvedges together, and cut into lengths. Since this is a child’s skirt, 3 x 50cm pieces is long enough. Trim off odd edges to make it straight and lay flat. 

Step - 2

Lay your multiple lengths on top of one another, and pin along the full width edge. Using your sewing machine and a long basting stitch, join the layers together, leaving thread tails at each end. You’ll need to do a second row of stitching, close to the raw edges.

Step - 3 

Because you might want a staggered hem, cut the top layers to your desired length. Using the thread tails you have just sewn, pull them together to gather the top edge. You want it 20-30cm longer than you need round the waist. Tie tails together to secure.

Step - 4

Pin the right sides together, and stitch with normal stitch length.

Step - 5

Cut your elastic to the needed waist measurement, with an additional 5cm.

Step - 6

Overlap the raw edges of the elastic by 5cm, creating a circle and zig zag stitch both raw edges to the other side of the elastic. Repeat these joins a couple times.

Step - 7

Split the circle of elastic into 4 and pin these 4 points. Repeat the process on the gathered part of the skirt, so you have pin marked quarters on both waistlines. With the skirt the right way around, place the elastic over the top and join the pins together for each quarter.

Step - 8 

Between each pin, stretch the elastic until the gathered skirt lies flat and pin the centre. Repeat until you have 8 equal pinned joins.

Step - 9 

Sew these together using your zig zag stitch, stretching between each pin as you go. Fold elastic to the inside of the skirt.

Step - 10 

Sew on pom poms for extra colour and fun!


Step - 1 

Using the templates provided, cut out 2 skulls and 4 flowers from your various felt colours. Cut 3 strips of matching felt roughly 10cm x 2cm. Sew one strip to one felt shape.

Step - 2 

Next cut out and add all the small details. You can sew these on, or if you’re glue them if you’re tight due to time.

Step - 3 

Once you’re happy with all your pieces, use the spare large shapes to check where they need to be sewn to the other side of the strip. Therefore it’ll be able to wrap around your headband.

Step - 4 

Sew these onto the other end of the strip and sew or glue the back of the shapes together. Make sure you leave the bottom part open, because you’ll then slide these onto your headband.

Step - 5 

Finally, once you’re happy with all the felt pieces, glue coloured pom poms to the headband. You can glue the felt shapes to stop them moving if you want to.

Helpful Docs & Software

Halloween Headband Template


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