How to Make Clay Best Friend Necklaces
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How to Make Clay Best Friend Necklaces

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

Show your bestie some love with these split heart best friend necklaces. They’re really easy to make from a little air-dry clay and acrylic paint, making them the perfect personalised present for a perfect pal.

You will need

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How to make


Make a template for the clay by drawing a heat shape onto paper (about 2.5cm high) and cut it out. Roll out the clay between two sheets of cling film to a thickness of about 4mm. Remove the top layer of cling film and place the template on top. Use a sharp knife to cut out the clay.


Cut a zig-zag line down the middle of the heart, then poke a hole through the top of each half with a cocktail stick. Smooth the edges with your finger and a little water, then leave to dry out overnight.


Use fine sandpaper to smooth all the edges on the pendants. Paint in a geometric design then, once dry, cover in varnish to add shine and durability.


Cut the embroidery threads into 60cm strips and use a needle to thread them one at a time through the hole. Move the pendant into the middle of the thread. Tie a luggage style knot so the pendant lies flat.


Plait the three embroidery strands together leaving 9cm un-plaited. Secure the plait with a knot. Repeat for the other side of the necklace.

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